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Innovating Creative Solutions
for Life on Earth

Putting the social in social impact and bringing the climate movement back to life

Why I Started

I want to innovate creative solutions to current world challenges with an expansive vision of all that can be. In this vision, the work we do together, the projects we produce, and the impact we initiate is imaginative and abundant—yet intentionally designed to make the world a happier, healthier, and more equitable place for all life! 

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What I Offer

I offer three forms of consulting/freelance services on how to creatively embed intersectionality, sustainability, and justice, health equity into your projects, programs, and practices while prioritizing joy, radical love, and connection. I will work across industries around the globe,

on one condition: our work must be designed to advocate for, honor, and celebrate

the equal value of life across cultures and species. 

Bespoke Creative Projects 


Specialized Contract

This is open ended!

From events to campaigns, content creation, screenwriting, and other forms of art and action,

  lets create something great! 

Classic Consulting 

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Ongoing Consultation

Receive ongoing consultation

for two-six week periods

at a time. 

One and Done

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Single Session Consultation

One 75 minute zoom call during which we discuss your specific needs, goals, and concerns surrounding a particular project or initiative. 

My Story

My connection to land started in the trees.

From the young tree I climbed in the backyard of our childhood home to the guinep and mango trees I savored in Jamaica, my love and appreciation for our planet took root beneath their canopy.  Yes, I am very much a tree-hugger. 

With this love came a sense of responsibility which grew as I learned—and experienced—the violence of racial capitalism and its devastating impact to life on Earth.

By living in environmental justice communities and witnessing firsthand the economic, structural, ecological, psychosocial and physiological harm caused, I've awakened to the problem and committed to being part of the solution. Moreover, I know that the solutions needed can be centered in joy and cultural celebration. 


My intention is to help contribute to the healing of our world one idea, project, and community at a time! If you're reading this, I believe we might have that in common.

Success Stories

"After hearing about Kat’s local efforts to organize and mobilize for her community’s health, I had the opportunity to learn more about her philosophy on social change. I was impressed by her deep commitment to people and the genuine way she sought to connect with each individual. I witnessed how her efforts to bring people to issues connected fun and creativity with practical action. I then sought out her services for a specific legislative advocacy campaign. I appreciated her thoughtful but direct communication style, her constructive feedback, and her ability to take and lead a project from beginning to end. In addition to her insights as a communications consultant, her event planning and results were impressive. The event she created for us in a short period of time was inventive: an unusual path to highlight our issue in a way that brought people from various walks of life—diverse in ages, race, and experience—together for a lovely and effective evening of learning, listening, and action."

Leah Schmalz
[Save the Sound]

Reach out, let's connect!


Los Angeles, California


Thanks for reaching out! 

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