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The Vision

Welcome to Creative Climate Co. a consulting firm dedicated to innovating creative projects and producing visionary work for your company and community. 

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"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

- Albert Einstein

Freelance Services 

Creative Climate Co. offers three consulting services; all of which use principles of diversity, sustainability, intersectional environmental justice, and health equity, to design creative solutions and projects that are good for people and planet. 

Project Management

Attendees of the Seaside Sounds Festival

Specialized Contract

  • Event planning

    • music/art based events

    • conferences/symposiums

    • community workshops

    • campaigns

    • celebrations.​

  • Project management

  • Creative direction

    Let's curate an unforgettable and impactful experience! 

Creative Solutions 

Katharine Morris in front of bookshelf

Innovative Consultation

Receive consultation on:

  • sustainability & climate justice

  • DEIJ & social impact

  • stakeholder & community engagement

  • cultural celebration

  • health equity 

  • production impact

  • program/policy strategy, implementation & evaluation.

  • community based
    participatory research 

    We'll innovate forward thinking solutions to old challenges!

Writing Assistance 

Home Desk

Feedback & Editing

  • Grant-writing

  • Copywriting

  • Screenwriting

Words have the power to shape the future. Lets reimagine yours. 

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