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The Vision

Welcome to Creative Climate Co. a consulting firm dedicated to innovating creative projects and producing visionary work for your company and community. 

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Freelance Services 

CCco offers three forms of consulting services; all of which creatively embed diversity, sustainability, intersectional environmental justice, health equity, and collective joy into the work for a seamless integration of our values and yours. 

Project Management


Specialized Contract

From event planning to full scope project execution and creative direction. Projects can include but are not limited to music and art based events, conferences, community workshops, campaigns and celebrations.

Let's curate an unforgettable and impactful experience! 

Creative Solutions 

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Innovative Consultation

Receive ongoing consultation

on sustainability and social impact, stakeholder and community engagement, cultural sensitivity, strategy and implementation. 

We'll innovate forward thinking solutions to old challenges!

Grant Procurement 

Home Desk

Feedback & Assistance

There is an unprecedented amount of grant opportunities available right now! 

Receive active support throughout the grant application journey including research, proposal development, draft revisions, and strategic collaborations.  

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