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Our Why

Creative Climate Co. embraces the power of collaboration, creativity, and fun in every project undertaken. Combined with an expertise in intersectional justice and ecological equity, we'll help you and your team pursue more sustainable and equitable practices in your projects, programs, and development opportunities.


Understanding that real change comes from connection and creativity—transcending place, culture, and species—we work hard to build deep relationships with our clients and create a space where everyone can feel supported, inspired, and empowered to create meaningful change.

We do this work as believers in art, education, and connection as the truest means for
the transformative cultural changes our world needs to heal.


Tropical Island

A Message from
our Founder 

My connection to land started in the trees.

From the young tree I climbed in the backyard of our childhood home to the guinep and mango trees I savored in Jamaica, my love and appreciation for our planet took root beneath their canopy.  


Yes, I am very much a tree-hugger. 

With this love came a sense of responsibility which grew as I learned—and experienced—the violence of racial capitalism and its devastating impact to life on Earth.

By living in environmental justice communities and witnessing firsthand the economic, structural, ecological, psychosocial and physiological harm caused, I've awakened to the problem and committed to being part of the solution. Moreover, I understand the value of centering our  solutions in joy and cultural celebration. 

My intention is to help contribute to the healing of our world one idea, project, and community at a time!

If you're reading this, I hope our visions align. 

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