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About Me

On a mission to seek truth, spread love, and incite freedom I founded Creative Climate Co. 


For years I’ve been deeply engaged in work to advance intersectional environmental justice—investing my time and developing my expertise in the efforts to increase equity and improve quality of life by addressing systemic and cultural oppression. 

I’ve done this work as a scholar-activist using the resources of academia for community based participatory research, as well as working with nonprofits while leaning into grassroots activism and community organizing; and even the federal and state government exploring the traditional channels for public service. 

By doing so, I’ve realized that I thrive when applying my skills and expertise creatively, operating beyond the boundaries of traditional institutional mindsets and methods. This freedom allows room for more out-of-the-box thinking and alot more fun! 

Yes, we can do pressing and impactful work and have fun while we're at it! 


Moreover, my philosophy—as expressed in my TEDxtalk, podcast interviews, and articles—centers art, education, and connection as the truest means for

the transformative cultural changes the world needs to heal.

My Background 


University of Connecticut (UConn)

Master of Public Policy 

BA in Cognitive Science

BA in Anthropology



Intersectional Environmental Justice

Health Equity & One Health

Community & Stakeholder Engagement

Social Impact


Revolutionizing the idea of sustainability, 

diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice through

creative projects and solutions that celebrate

life and help heal our planet. 

Who I Help

How I Do It

What's in It for You


Companies (B-Corps)




Event Planners

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Step 2: Formal Intake & Ideation

Step 3: Research, Planning & Co-Creation

Step 4: Project Management or Consulting

(Step 4.5: Revision & Adaption)

Step 5: Reflection & Recommendations

Innovate & creative answers to your questions:

How can I be a climate advocate?

How do I do intersectionality?

How can I do justice work but make it fun?

How can my art make an impact?

How can I maximize social impact?

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