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Success Stories

"After hearing about Kat’s local efforts to organize and mobilize for her community’s health, I had the opportunity to learn more about her philosophy on social change. I was impressed by her deep commitment to people and the genuine way she sought to connect with each individual. I witnessed how her efforts to bring people to issues connected fun and creativity with practical action. I then sought out her services for a specific legislative advocacy campaign. I appreciated her thoughtful but direct communication style, her constructive feedback, and her ability to take and lead a project from beginning to end. In addition to her insights as a communications consultant, her event planning and results were impressive. The event she created for us in a short period of time was inventive: an unusual path to highlight our issue in a way that brought people from various walks of life—diverse in ages, race, and experience—together for a lovely and effective evening of learning, listening, and action."

Leah Schmalz
[Save the Sound]

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